LV Chinchillas 

Las Vegas Chinchilla and Sugar Glider Breeder

Sugar Glider Care!


Sugar gliders need a large cage at least 2 ft long by 2 ft wide and 3 ft tall.  This size can house up to 2 gliders.  Bigger cages are always better.  The bar spacing must be 1/2 inch, anything larger and your glider will get out.  In the cage they need a pouch to sleep in, a food dish, water bottle, wheel for exercise, and lots of toys!  Even with all of this, they still need daily play time outside of the cage in a glider-safe room.


Feed your sugar gliders at night, just before they wake up.  We feed the HPW diet along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  We also leave out a pellet food during the day for a snack if they get hungry, however, pellets should never be the main diet! Always have fresh water available.  


Sugar gliders form a strong bond with their new owners.  The bonding process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, it all depends on how much time you spend with them.  Spend as much time with them as possible.  They bond based on scent, so even being carried around in your pocket can help with bonding.  

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