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Pet sitting

Your pet will come to an experienced animal owner and will be spoiled, it will be like they are on vacation too! We supply cages and food unless you would like to bring your own. Our fee is 10 dollars a day and is negotiable with multiple animals. We are experienced in every small exotic animal. Pictured is Bubbles we chin-sit him from time to time. :)

Here at LV Chinchillas we do chinchilla, sugar glider, and other small exotic rescue. We take in animals and ensure that they will have a wonderful home. We either fall in love with them and keep them ourselves or take out the time to find them an approved home after a 30 day inspection to make sure they are healthy. We have owned pretty much every small exotic animal throughout the years and can assure you that your small exotic pet will get the best care. Our animals are our family so if you have a pet that you can no longer care for please contact me directly at [email protected]