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Available Chinchillas

Even if there are no available chinchillas at the moment please email me at [email protected] because I may have a chinchilla available and havent been able to update my website

Contact me at [email protected] 

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Chinchilla Products

Chinchilla Pellets
$3 a pound

Chinchilla Hay Cubes

$3 a pound

Blue Cloud Dust
$4 a pound

*Please note chinchilla products are for someone picking up their new chinchilla or past costumers.


If you wish to breed please contact me for the breeding price and I'll determine if I feel you have done enough research to begin breeding.
All deposits are non-refundable.  If you back out of the sale you will not get your money back. 

If it has been 2 weeks or less after the date of sale, we will accept the return of a living kit and you will receive a full refund(not including the deposit). If it has been longer than that we will take the kit in,  but no refunds will be given.  If the chinchilla is ill or dies in your care, I am not responsible for any vet bills. If you get a vet signed paper that the chinchilla was sick before the date of sale, I will give you a full refund or an exchange for a kit of the same value. 

Chinchillas that have received deposits

Kit #1

Color: Ebony

Gender: Female

Deposit Received! Congrats Ryan & Lexie!

Kit #2

Color: Ebony

Gender: Female

Deposit Received! Congrats Stacey

Kit #3

Color: Ebony

Gender: Female

Deposit Received! Congrats Lauren