LV Chinchillas 

Las Vegas Chinchilla and Sugar Glider Breeder


We are a small hobby breeder located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We breed high quality blue diamonds, sapphires, ebonies, tans, hetero beiges, homo beiges, ebony white, violets, brown velvets, standards, black velvets, mosaics, and pink-white chinchillas. All of our chinchillas and sugar gliders are handled daily and get free run daily. Kits and joeys are handled as soon as they are born or OOP! All of our animals are pets first breeders second. Our pets are in colony caging (which is 1 male per 2 females). We take wonderful care of our chins and sugar gliders and we would love for you to come by and see our pet family and maybe even add one to your family! Please browse my site for the chinchillas and sugar gliders we currently have available and feel free to email me with any questions! Also we run a small rescue we take in chinchillas and sugar gliders that people can no longer care for. Rescues will be strictly pets. Either we will take out the time to find them an amazing home or keep them here and give them a same gendered friend. In addition to serving Las Vegas with wonderful pets our pets have also found homes in Arizona, California, and Utah!



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